Aeratron AE3+ DC

The Aeratron AE3+ is a stylish fan that is both simple and efficient. It has been rated most efficient 2013-2018 by Energy Star It comes in a wide variety of different colors - White, Silver, Black, and a combination of Dark & Light Woodgrain colours. It is primarily designed to be used only in an indoor environment and can be adapted with an LED light kit. It comes with an energy efficient and quiet DC powered motor along with a 6 speed remote control. The Aeratron fan range is one of the most versatile fan range that is currently available. Boasting the lowest power consumption on the market along with an aerodynamic stylish modern blade design.
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  • Aeratron

Size Available
  • 43” (1092mm) Only available in White

  • 50” (1260mm)

  • 60” (1524mm)

Colours Available
  • White

  • Silver

  • Black

  • Black with Light Woodgrain

  • White with Light Woodgrain

  • Black with Dark Walnut

  • Blades: Silent, optimized 3-D airfoil blades

  • Remote control included

Motor Type
  • DC Motor 4.5W (low) / 17W (max)

  • Full 3 year In-Home warranty

  • Includes 6 speed remote control

  • Energy efficient and powerful 17W DC motor

  • Brushless quiet DC motor

  • Fully reversible for summer & winter

  • Summer/Winter reverse button on the remote

  • Hangsure angle canopy (for raked ceilings up to 15º)

  • Raked Extension Rod Kit – Suitable for 16°-40° Raked Ceilings

  • Electronically factory balanced blades

  • Silent, optimised 3-D airfoil blades


  • 10W Dimmable LED Warm White 3000K

  • 900mm Extension Rod Kit - Suitable for 0-15° Raked Ceilings

  • Raked Extension Rod Kit – Suitable for 16°-40° Raked Ceilings

  • Wall Controller Kit (4 or 5 gang switch / No Light or Light)

  • Building Automation Control

  • Wifi Control Module – Coming Soon


  • Full 3 year In Home warranty  / 1 year Remote & Receiver warranty

  • Please visit AeroDC Warranty & Support or call 1300 116 305.

  • Must be installed and serviced by qualified Persons only.

AE3+ White
AE3+ White
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AE3+ Silver
AE3+ Silver
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AE3+ Timber & Black
AE3+ Timber & Black
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AE3+ Timber & White
AE3+ Timber & White
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AE3+ Black
AE3+ Black
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AE+3 Dark Timber & Black
AE+3 Dark Timber & Black
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Accessories and Spare Parts

AE3+ Extension Rod
AE3+ Extension Rod
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AE3+ LED Light Kit
AE3+ LED Light Kit
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Wall Controller Kit
Wall Controller Kit
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Product Codes and Description


  • PL343WH (43" White)

  • PL350BLK (50" Black)

  • PL350BTL (50" White Timber Light Woodgrain)

  • PL350SLV (50" Siver)

  • PL350TDW (50" Dark Walnut)

  • PL350WH (50" White)

  • PL360BLK (60" Black)

  • PL360BTL (60" Black Timber Woodgrain)

  • PL360SLV (60" Silver)

  • PL360TDW (60" Dark Walnut)

  • PL360WH (60" White)

  • PL360WTL (60" White Timber Light Woodgrain)


Light Kit

  • PL2LKW3 (3000K)

Wall Controller Kit

  • WCKIT (4 gang switch - No Light)

  • WCKIT-L (5 gang switch - Light)

Extension Rod Kits



  • EKIT900WH (Raked Ceiling 0° to 15° - 90CM)

  • EKIT900WH-R (Raked Ceiling 16° to 40° - 90CM)


  • EKIT900BLK (Raked Ceiling 0° to 15° - 90CM)

  • EKIT900BLK-R (Raked Ceiling 16° to 40° - 90CM)


  • EKIT900SLV (Raked Ceiling 0° to 15° - 90CM)

  • EKIT900SLV-R (Raked Ceiling 16° to 40° - 90CM)

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