Ceiling Fans Accessories

Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Depending on the brand and model of the ceiling fan, some may require a separate light kit. These light kits usually fit the style of the fan and the colour can be matched exactly, and in some cases there may be multiple options available. The globes that fit these lights are commonly E27 (Edison Screw) or R7S (78 mm linear halogen) which can now be fitted with the newer energy efficient LED globes. Please contact us if you would like to know about our available fan light kits.


Ceiling Fan Controllers
There are 3 different types of ceiling fan operation:
  • Remote control

  • Wall cotrol

  • Pull cord

Most ceiling fans come with a wall controller inside the box, however in some cases the wall plate and cover may need to be supplied separately in order to match and fit with any existing switches. Some traditional and classic designed ceiling fans may be operated with a pull cord however can in most cases have a wall switch added. Nearly all fans are remote control adaptable with a separate remote kit for when a wall switch is unable to be installed. There are a select few fans that come bundled with a remote control such as most DC ceiling fans. It is always important to know which ceiling fan operation type is suitable, and what is included with the ceiling fan.



The blades of a ceiling fan should be at least 2.1 m from the ground. Most ceiling fans hang down approximately 25-30 cm from the ceiling, and so will operate effectively with ceiling height of up to around 3 m high. Above that height an extended downrod may be added to the fan to bring it down to an appropriate height. Most downrods are 90 cm long which can be cut down to size, and come in varying diameters depending on the brand and the model of the ceiling fan. Longer rods may also be available for rooms with very high ceilings.