Downlights offer high quality and unobtrusive lighting which make them suitable for almost any room settings. Now combined with the highly efficient and cost effective LED lights, LED downlights offer an even better and brighter light that is cheaper than ever to run. Most LED downlights have the added benefit of providing a wide speared of light, with a beam angle of 90°-120° compared to the older halogen downlights which have an angle of 60°. The wider spread of light of the LED downlights means that you get a much better coverage of light in your room without bright spot and shadows requiring less downlights to be installed. LED downlights can come in both the bright cool white and the softer warm white and most can be dimmable.


Please feel free to visit our 2 stores and view our range of quality downlights. If you would like more information about LED or dimming please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please click on the images below for all colour options and technical information:


Arte Series
Arte Mini Series
Arte Gimbal Series
Genesis 3000K Series
Genesis 5000K Series
Quest Series
Shadowline 16W 3000K Series
Shadowline 16W 5000K Series
Ultra Series
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