Exhaust Fans

Ceiling fans and LED lights are great for living rooms and bedrooms, but the is often overlooked. Exhaust fans are a great solution for kitchens and bathrooms, or any location that requires moving air or removing hot air, moisture or odours and keeping the area fresh and ventilated. The strength of the exhaust fan is typically given in m3/h (cubic meters per hour). The strength that is required will depend on the volume of your area or room (width x length x height). It is often recommended that there is enough air flow into a room with an exhaust fan as to minimise the strain on the fan so that it will last longer.

Exhaust fans can also be combined with a light and/or LED light, and with a heating element such as in the 3-in-1 units which are perfect for bathrooms.


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Linear Mini
Profile Plus 2
Profile Plus 4
Contour 1
Contour 2
Contour 4
Tetra (No Light)
Tetra Light
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