Heatzone Heater

The Brilliant Lighting Heatzone is an outdoor Infrared heater for ceilings. The infrared heater produces instant heat and is IPX4 rated meaning it is water resistant, great in any outdoor area. It is perfect for outdoor living areas, patios, balconies or even outdoor cafes or restaurants.
The Heatzone includes easy to install ceiling mount, hook and chain and a plug and lead so there is no wiring required and can be installed without an electrician. It comes in 2 different sizes 1500 Watts and 2000 Watts. 
Brilliant Lighting
Outdoor - IPX4 Rated
1500 Watts (405mm x 307mm)
2000 Watts (600mm x 300mm)
High grade anodised aluminium
Pull Cord switch

IPX4 Rated for outdoor use

Ceiling mountable

Plug and lead included

DIY easy to install

Light weight 2.5kg (1500W) and 3.5kg (2000W)



2 year replacement warranty 

Heatzone 1500W
Heatzone 2000W
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Heatzone 1500W
Heatzone 2000W
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