The Fan Shop offers a wide range of top quality lighting from the Australian brands Martec, CLA Lighting and the local South Australian Cougar Lighting.

We have light fittings that suit any room and design including decretive and modern pendant lights, LED downlights, wall and flush lights, exteriors and spotlights, and desk and floor lights.

Our lights also come or can be fitted with efficient energy saving LED globes which not only provide the best possible light, but are cheap to run and help the environment. Please brows below to view lights where you will find vintage, ornate, classic and traditional, minimalistic modern and elegant, as well as industrial and exterior lighting.


If you need assistance in selecting the right light don’t hesitate to contact us.

Downlights offer high quality and unobtrusive lighting which make them suitable for almost any room settings.

LED (light emitting diode) are the next generation in lighting as they are brighter, last longer and use less power.

For rooms that deserve some style and a special design, pendant lights are the perfect addition to your furnishing.

When there is no option for downlights or pendant lights, wall lights provide an excellent solution. 

A table or floor lamp is the perfect choice for working desk or for a relaxing read on a comfortable chair. 

If it’s for a painting, a special piece of art, or any area that needs to be lit up spotlights can provide the perfect lighting.

Exterior lights can fulfil your needs for an outdoor barbeque, a little ambient light, or a large flood light for a garden. 

The Fan Shop has a wide range of globes including halogen, fluorescent and the newer LED globes.