Installation of a Ceiling Fan, What Should you Know?

Ceiling fan installtion

Be in the loop with your sparky.

While a ceiling fan must be installed by a qualified electrician, it can pay to be prepared before contacting your local tradie.

One of the most important things to do is to plan out when you would like to have your fan installed. Often a good time is when there might be some other electrical jobs that need taking care of, in any case, make sure to leave plenty of time. This is important especially when you are about to select a ceiling fan. In some cases your dream ceiling fan may be temporarily out of stock (it is the best fan after all) so make sure to leave enough time between buying or ordering your fan and booking the installers. The last thing you want is to have to settle for a different fan because you have the electrician booked for the end of the week.

Think about how you would like your fan to be installed. Do you require lighting? Is the ceiling fan going to have a wall control or remote control? Do you require two fans or is one large enough, and is an extension down rod needed? These questions may sometimes be tough to answer alone, so make sure to seek advice from your ceiling fan experts.

Finally, get an idea of the costs involved. While the cost of a ceiling fan is often fixed, the cost of installation can and will vary greatly from job to job. Whether it is due to old wiring or the need for extra support for the fan in the ceiling, make sure to consult your qualified electrician, and if possible ask for a quote. No one wants a nasty surprise.

We recommend Add-A-Light Electrical for all your ceiling fan and electrical installation needs. At The Fan Shop we know to recognise and appreciate a good quality local business that you can trust. Add-A-Light Electrical is an Adelaide Electrician business and is also the chosen service electrician for some of the fan companies such as Hunter Pacific. The team at Add-A-Light Electrical are fully licensed electrician and provide a quality comprehensive range of electrical services to domestic, commercial and light industrial markets throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area.

Want to save on your ceiling fan installation costs? When you purchase your quality ceiling fan from The Fan Shop, you can receive 10% off your installation through Add-A-Light Electrical, so call in now and save!

For a free quote, contact Add-A-Light Electrical on

04 0326 6584

08 8326 6584

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