Fan Lights and the Available Options

How Many Fan Blades are Best?

Shedding some light on this common ceiling fan accessory.

In many cases a fan with a light is a great option as it combines the best in cooling and lighting without taking up extra ceiling space. In some cases it is often a necessity if the fan is replacing the main light fitting especially in smaller rooms.

Some fans come in two models, one with an inbuilt non-removable light and one with no light. Others have the option to add a light kit that can be purchased separately as an add-on accessory. However a few do not have a light option at all. Due to this reason, it is important to consider your lighting requirement when looking and comparing ceiling fan options.

Some newer ceiling fans come with an inbuilt LED (light emitting diode) light that is wired directly into the fan light. These types of lights can sometimes provide a better light which is often brighter and has a more even spread. While LED light can last for years and years, it is however important to note that these lights usually require a qualified electrician if they need replacing, where as traditional globes (including LED globes) may be replaced more easily.

Most fan lights have just the globe fittings for which an appropriate globe then needs to be purchased. These are typically:

  • E27 (Edison screw) – The traditional screw globes

  • R7S – Tradition 78 mm linear Halogen globe (replaced by a LED version)

In terms of the globes that can be fitted, for the Edison screw and Bayonet cap (E27, B22) fittings Halogen, CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) and LED globes can be fitted depending on preference and usage.

Often there are only a few limitations regarding these globes, such as the wattage rating on the fitting. All light fittings (fans and lamps) have a maximum wattage of globe that can be fitted. For example you cannot put a 60 W globe in a fitting that is max 40 W. Another other limitation is the size of the globes. For some fan lights, the glass cover may be shallow meaning that some globes might not fit because they are too big. Lastly if a dimmer is installed or will be installed by an electrician during the fan installation, it is important to make sure that dimmable globes are used, and that they are compatible with the dimmer.

If you would like some more information about ceiling fan lights or LED lighting please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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