Bathroom 3-in-1 Heaters

Things are heating up in the bathroom… stay toasty and humidity free!

It pays to have a bathroom equipped with 3-in-1 heaters. Having properly installed exhaust, light, and heat features in your bathroom is a must for your own comfort and for your family as well.

The conventional heater/fan/light combination for a functional and comfortable bathroom is commonly installed in homes and other buildings because of its efficiency. Exhaust fans, light as well as heat are the main features of this 3-in-1 bathroom heater. This is an effective and efficient way to provide heat in your bathroom with lesser the price.

Advantages of Having a Bathroom 3-in-1 Heater

These modern times, bathrooms are appearing to be more comfortable and relaxed than they were before years ago. However, it is not enough for your bathroom to adorned with dainty and luxurious fixtures if there is poor ventilation or if the temperature inside is too cold especially during the cold months. Bathroom heating is a must-have for any bathroom no matter how expensive, or common-looking it is as it keeps your bathing experience is made more comfortable especially in the winter season.

In the past people have opted to use an exhaust fan when it get a little steamy in the bathroom. This often mean that they required to have two fixtures in their ceilings, a light and an exhaust fan. The combination of the fan and light reduces the required installation and is often combined with heating globes.

Recommendations in using bathroom 3-in-1 units

  • Make sure the unit you purchase has a strong enough exhaust fan for your bathroom. Generally in the case when there is a build-up of steam a stronger fan is often required.

  • The heating globes of 3-in-1 units produce directional heat that is radiated below the unit. This type of heater does not heat up the entire room but instead creates a warm light that is felt from underneath. This allows the units to run more efficiently as they heat only you, and so there is no need to leave the heat on prior to warm up the room, which actually may waste energy.

  • Always make sure your exhaust fan is rated for bathroom use where it make come in contact with moisture and steam.

While most units are simple and plain, bathroom 3-in-1 light/fan/heater units can also be very modern and stylish. One example is the Martec Linear 3-in-1 unit which combines high airflow and extraction, bright and efficient LED lights, a warm heat lamp all packaged in a very slick and elegant unit that is only about 1 cm thick from the ceiling.

It is often observed that bathrooms are deemed to be given the least consideration of all the rooms in the home when it comes to proper interior lighting system. But being one of the rooms we often go to in times of need or when nature calls, it should also be given utmost importance. Your bathroom need not have the ambiance of a luxurious spa; first and foremost it should provide you utmost comfort and relaxation while you’re inside.

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