Hunter Pacific Intercept Ceiling Fan

Hunter Pacific Intercept Ceiling Fan

The Intercept 2 is an original design by Hunter Pacific Australia.

The Intercept 2 is always a favorite of domestic and commercial customers alike. Hunter Pacific were the original manufacturers of fans without blade holders, with the design being brought out over 20 years ago. This design has been replicated (with minor differences) by almost every fan manufacturer since they brought out the design. The Intercept 2 is just one of the Hunter Pacific models which incorporates this original design idea. Hunter Pacific proudly designs its innovative products in Sydney, which creates jobs here in Australia.

The Intercept 2 may look like your average fan from the outside but it is what’s on the inside that counts! Here are some of the features which make the Intercept 2 a leader in its field:

  • The reverse switch is located on the inside rather than outside of the housing. This prevents accidental damage or changes during cleaning as well as increasing the aesthetic look of the fan.

  • The central band is positively ventilated, which helps to decrease internal temperatures and prolonging life of the fan motor.

  • The Light kit minimizes shadowing and the light cover is a frosted glass rather than plastic.

  • The ball bearings are double sealed and permanently lubricated.

  • The efficient pitch of the timber blade as well as the tuned motor conserves energy, maximises airflow and all this with minimum noise!

  • The warranty is Inclusive of technical support for all dealers, resellers, installers and customers

To really help it stand out from all the other models, the Intercept 2 comes equipped with new central band, motor, light system and a newly developed internal assembly technique. Each of these result in improved consistency, performance, efficiency and general satisfaction of all users.

Looking for a simple yet stylish fan? Look no further than the Intercept 2.

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