What You Should Know About LED Lights

LED Lights – there’s more than meets the eye

In recent years, there has been an increase in talks about LED lighting. However while the hype of these new lights grows, it can be beneficial to know about a little bit about LED lights, especially if you are planning on upgrading your home or workplace lighting.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode and it is the newest type of light products that are available and are replacing the now older CFL (compact florescent lamps), other florescent lighting, and halogen lights. Light Emitting Diode (LED) are by far the safest, cleanest, efficient, longest lasting light. Unlike halogen or fluoro globes they do not rely on high temperatures or chemicals to produce light. Instead they are almost entirely electronic in the sense that they convert almost all of the electricity to light using electronics and a special type of material (which is solid and non-harmful).

What so special about LEDs that make them better than other types of lights?

This is a very common question, the table below highlights some of the advantages and disadvantages of LED lights.

LED globes are available in many types of fitting ranging from Edison Screw (E27 and E14) and Bayonet Cap (B22 and B14) and are compatible with many existing light fittings. This means you can easily upgrade and change old technology globes (halogen or fluoro) to the newer and better LED globes. LED lights are also available in a range of Downlight fittings providing a very clean looking and long lasting light.

In the future LED lights, globes and LED Downlights will only become better and cheaper providing an affordable and long lasting quality light.

With so many different options of LED lights, now is the perfect time to start change and upgrading your lights to the more efficient LED lights.

If you need help choosing the most appropriate LED Downlight, globe or light fitting, contact us!

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