Ceiling Fan Winter Mode

Ceiling Fan Winter Mode

Utlise your fan all year round

During winter heating cost soar and in summer the same can happen with cooling. Having a ceiling fan can really reduce these costs and even have a better effect on your household temperature. Almost any type of heating solution can possibly be ineffective to a point. This is because hot air rises and therefore essentially heating the high point and not the low points of the room where you could be sitting.

This is where a fan can become beneficial with the reversible winter mode. As the hot air rises, turning winter mode on allows the hot air to flow back down the walls and circulate the air to create a more even heat distribution, but with minimal noticeable breeze. This is a very effective way to distribute the hot air around the room resulting in a very warm atmosphere very quickly. Not to mention how much money you can be saving when running a fan to spread the hot air around, rather than heating the room for long periods of time until all the hot air reaches down.

To turn you fan into the reverse winter mode most fans have a switch on top of the motor that you will need to get on a ladder and switch, however some newer fans are able to be reversed from the directly from the remote control. When reversing a fan, especially in the case of switching from a remote control, make sure it has come to a complete stop before turning the switch otherwise you run the risk of burning out the motor when it becomes under strain.

Winter (reverse) mode switch is usually located on the top part of the motor.

Weather a large or small room a fan in winter mode can greatly help reduce heating costs by helping to heat up your room faster, which results in reduced power consumption.

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