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Smart & WiFi Compatible Ceiling Fans

The largest range of smart ceiling fans in Adelaide!

From the CHOICE recommended Fanco smart ceiling fans powered by Tuya smart to the 360 Fans with the versatile Bond smart bridge, we have Australia’s leading brands for smart ceiling fans. Our smart ceiling fan range can be controlled by a smartphone app (both Apple iPhone and Android) over your home WiFi. Take your smart home to the next level with Google Assistant using Google Home or Amazon Alexa and integrate your ceiling fan to your smart home. Automate and simplify your everyday by creating scenes to control your fan the way you want or integrate with IFTTT for a full home automation where the possibilities are almost endless.

Smart Ceiling Fan Fanco

Top Smart Ceiling Fan Brands in Australia

Smart Ceiling Fan Range

Smart ceiling fans allow you to control their features from the convenience of a smartphone. The Fanco smart range is also compatible with Google and Amazon devices using the Tuya app, so they are easy to integrate into an existing system. By offering CHOICE recommended ceiling fans which combine SMART technology with DC motors and LED lights, Fanco gives you more power to control your environment efficiently and effectively. 

ThreeSixty Fans provides beautifully designed and premium quality ceiling fans that complement and enhance the amazing Australian lifestyle. Inspired by what is possible and driven by the practical, ThreeSixty ceiling fans are crafted for those seeking more than just a ceiling fan — each fan is meticulously designed to act as an integral part of your home; a piece of furniture that adds not only comfort but is a statement in design. Carefully engineered to provide whisper quiet cooling, ThreeSixty ceiling fans are produced in a wide range of styles and finishes to ensure you find the perfect option to complement your unique style and decor.

Make your remote-controlled ceiling fan's smart with the Bond Bridge by Bond
Bond Bridge is a wireless device that connects your remote-controlled ceiling fans to your WiFi network, letting you control all your ceiling fan’s (both DC and AC with remote control installed) from anywhere via smartphones, tablets, and smart assistants. Once connected, Bond Bridge allows additional integrations via home automation systems and voice controls with native Amazon Alexa Skills, Google Assistant Actions and Apple Siri.

Newly developed by Ventair from the ground up to offer you a stunningly stylish, high end ceiling fan. At Ventair, we innovate not imitate! Available in 4 sizes, 3 colours, with or without LED light, and optional smart control using the Tuya app, this is a stunningly stylish and practical ceiling fan!
Designed and developed in Australia, for the Australian climate. This is the MUST HAVE ceiling fan! 

Brilliant's extensive range of energy efficient ceiling fans and fan accessories not only keep living and working areas cool in warmer months- they also add style to any room. Take it to the next level with a Brilliant Smart ceiling fan. Control the settings from anywhere, via your smart phone app or voice control.

Mercator Ikuü is a new Australian-owned brand offering smart home products that are simple to install, quick to set up and easy to use. The intuitively designed app and broad range of luxury products provide a convenient way to create an entirely personalised system.