Ventair Wall Fan 45cm

The Ventair Wall Fan is a beautifully designed Wall fan. It features a matte black grill with matte black aluminium blades and comes in 2 sizes 45cm and 75cm. In both sizes the wall fan is easy to install with a bracket and with a plug and lead included meaning there is no need for an electrician. The fan oscillates and is easily adjustable, with an impressively high airflow and low noise due to the new anti vibration blade design. The 45cm wall fans 3 speeds is controlled easily by a pull cord, while the 75cm wall fan is controlled by an attached switch.
Wall fans are a great option for when a ceiling fan can not be installed. They are also a good budget option as they are easy to install on your own with no need for an electrician.
Fan size - 450 mm 
Grill Size - 515 mm
3 blades
Matte Black
Strong 160 Watt AC Motor
Aluminium Blades
Pull Cord

Wall mountable

Up to 1400 RPM

Plug and lead included

DIY easy to install

3 Speed settings

New anti vibration blade design


Tilt adjustable head

High airflow

Low noise



2 year replacement warranty 

Wall Fan 450mm
Wall Fan 450mm
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Wall Fan Dimensions
Wall Fan Dimensions
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Wall Fan 75cm
Wall Fan 75cm
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